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01/19/08 02:07 PM
Re: Woe is me...... [re: tictictic_OnEbay]  


That was my next question. Have you checked other data programs on the new hard drive? If the other data programs such as Excel are not right, then something is possibly not right with the way the technician moved files to your new computer. I have had that happen to me before. Meaning a technician did not correctly move programs and files to a new hard drive, creating a huge mess.

I even had a technician years ago move AW2000 for me. He decided he didn't like the way AW2000 was installed so he re-did it. And shut me down for almost a week. Thom and I like to never figure out what he did. And when we did, the company got a call and they even refunded money back to me because the tech had made such a mess.

I am not saying the tech did anything incorrectly, however, if the other programs and files such as Excel are messed up, you might certainly want to check and see.

You can restore the newest backup database. I strongly recommend using the "Restore" utility in AW2000 instead of another software. The Restore utility in Aw2000 works wonderfully and will restore the data into the correct place for you. That way you know for sure at least the restore was done correctly.

Since other programs and files are not correct, it just reeks of something being wrong with the data transfer instead of just something amiss with AW2000. If it was only AW2000, then only the data in Aw2000 would be messed up. But that is not the case.

Did the technician manage to pull any information from your old hard drive?

I have had the same thing happen at eBay recently,,meaning something showed up as Not sold when it really was. Then later the Auction moved to the correct place---Sold.

Emailing Thom for the best solution to missing data is a good idea. IF the restore works and all your data appears and is in order, you might ought to burn a DVD as well as use your external hard drive. but I would still contact Thom. That way, if you find something haywire even next week, he will already know what is up and can better assist you.

Glad your settings and Listing templates are intact. That is good news.

Keep your chin up. Try the restore... And let me know what happens.


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