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01/23/08 10:17 AM
Re: Woe is me...... [re: bluepennylady]  

Hi Judy,

Ok, your AW folder is 3.52 GB. And your volume of sales is far greater than mine, I'm sure. The size of my backup database (as well as the one I'm currently using while still waiting to try the Acronis restoration) is 26 GB! When I saw that yesterday, I knew that couldn't be right. That's a crazy size.

One thing I notice is there are 12 a2b backup files in the AW Backups folder, plus another 34 of them under the main AW2000 folder. Ordinarily, I delete old a2b files, but these have come back from the dead, apparently. If you multiply 600,000 bytes, which is the size of most of the a2b files, you get about 27 GB, so that must explain the bloat.

You have an Images folder within AW?? I don't. Or did you just mean the Images folder on your C: drive?

Thom strongly suggested I make a backup copy of the program I've been using for the last week (had to deal with a couple dozen transactions; still have a few waiting for payment, but all my auctions have ended now, and I've put my Store items on vacation setting), just in case something goes wrong with the Acronis disk image restore (which is what he thinks I should try, knowing the other backup copies are messed up). He mentioned copying it to a CD or DVD, so I checked the size of the folder and was astonished to see how large it is. I actually went out and bought another exterior hard drive last night, because that's the only way I'll be able to make a copy (not enough room on my existing exterior HD).


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