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10/18/07 01:52 PM
Re: Image hosting [re: maisey]  


You can move your images to a new FTP account without ending your auctions. Just takes a tad of editing on each auction.

Configure your new FTP account in AW2000.
Add that new account to each of your Auction profiles as the default FTP account.

Then change the status of all the Online Auctions to "Queued for Listing"
Upload the images to the new account when the List all auctions dialog box opens.
Cancel the listing process after the Images are done uploading on the Lister window

Next--log in to your eBay account.
Each auction image URL will have to be edited to point to the new FTP account. So you click the Revise item.
Down in the description field. Click the HTML tab.
You will see the image URL's right off the bat.
The part you need to edit is after the "http://your FTP account info----and leave the part of the URL that starts with AW2K/LotImagexxxxx.jpg.

The part of the Image URl after "http:// up to AW2K/LogImgxxx.jpg is the part that needs to be edited and changed to your new account information.

Does that make sense? Or better yet, does that help?


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