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10/18/07 03:28 PM
Re: Image hosting [re: maisey]  


I am glad your auction images are appearing. Listings with bids do present a problem in terms of revisions.

I really like They have provided excellent service over the years for me.

Do not cancel your account at the other service yet. Allow all the auctions which are stored at that account to end before you cancel the account. Then you won't have to be concerned about moving images. And as you said you can just list using instead from now on.

eBay's picture services and image hosting is expensive. The way they say it is only ".15 per listing" doesn't compute until someone gets their bill after listing for an entire month using those services. Image hosting is one of the quickest ways to reduce costs.

Don't hesitate to holler if you need more help. By the Way, the AW2000 Help file contains information on how to configure the FTP account settings. Look in the help file under FTP account settings. They are in alphabetical order.


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