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(stranger )
08/19/04 01:25 PM
Downloading Update Takes TOO LONG  

I have been using AW for several years now. For the last 6-8 months when I try to download, both from AW website and/or from s/w it takes forever! It says" checking for previously installed programs" I did all the things necessary checked on/off in Advanced, but nothing speeds it up. At least 10 minutes to "check for previously installed programs". I just today had the time to email this question, but it's really time consuming. I can't list without the update, so I sit and wait, & wait....any help advice, suggestions would be great

(stranger )
09/27/04 11:13 AM
Re: Downloading Update Takes TOO LONG new [re: formekj]  

When you say you've tried to download the updates from the website you mean the announcement board?

On my system it takes a matter of seconds to do the check from the program and I'm running an old and slow machine. From the website I get an immediate download save file request. However I do have a broadband connection.

In my experience windows machines get slower as time progresses simply due to how the windows registry expands (and other reasons). I have reformatted and reinstalled machines many times over the years to speed them up and get rid of registry/file bloat.

Just a thought...

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01/04/05 04:48 PM
Re: Downloading Update Takes TOO LONG new [re: formekj]  

I have had this problem from day one. I thought it was an unfortunate problem with the software. I have ran these on screeming machines too. It is not the download it is the checking for previous installed...
If there is any fix I really would appreciate it,

01/05/05 09:01 AM
Re: Downloading Update Takes TOO LONG new [re: dave]  

Just delete everything from your computer but windows and AW2000. It will speed up checking for previousely installed components. :) Otherwise you have to wait while AW2000 scans through every file in every folder on your computer.
And by the way turn off your antivirus while AW2000 scans your hard drive, otherwise they will scan it both first antivirus and then AW2000.
Good luck.

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