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03/13/15 03:15 PM
Facebook [re: ]  

Aw2k management- Please consider adding a manual entry only auction profile for facebook. For those who might not have noticed, facebook is rapidly becoming the new eBay! They have recently implemented new 'selling' features for groups. Sales are crazy on their right now like the ebay of old days! I know I can enter 'off' ebay sales manually but only under one of the three auction sites. Maybe add a fourth 'General' profile or make over the overstock one? Within a short time you'll see software out for selling on facebook & similar sites, I'd like to see aw2k on the fore front of this....Al

Al Parker

(stranger )
07/06/15 10:22 AM
Re: Facebook new [re: diggerdirect]  

I like your thinking on this, but in four months, has anything been changed/added to AW2k to accommodate your ideas?

[mostly gave up on eBay]
SecretWorkshop on Etsy

08/17/15 08:33 AM
Re: Facebook new [re: Same_Old_Sue]  

A "general" profile would be great - especially if we could enter a few custom fields (such as and "item url" template for direct access from a listing or invoice).

If nothing else, update AW2K to handle the Etsy API. Huge Etsy seller market for AW2K.

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