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03/04/03 07:36 AM
Backup & Rebuild Database  

This has only started happening since our most recent update & it isn't causing a problem; it's just weird...When I 1st open AW2K & the box comes up that reminds me to perform a backup, I say yes & after the window opens that prompts you to proceed & I click affirmatively, a window comes up that says "Cannot backup database while AW2K is running". Of course, it is not. The same thing happens when I proceed w/ the rebuiding of the database immediately following the backup. All I do is click OK in each of these boxes & it continues w/ the backup & rebuild anyway. ...Just curious to see if anyone else is experiencing this. Thanks.

03/04/03 07:57 AM
Re: Backup & Rebuild Database new [re: TLO]  

If you run a backup or rebuild from within AW2K, it needs to completely shut down the program and close all the data files. If you wait a minute or 2 before clicking "ok", it'll be ready to do the backup/rebuild.

Another way to do this is to shutdown aw2k and run the backup/rebuild from the window start menu.

Hope that helps

03/04/03 03:27 PM
Re: Backup & Rebuild Database new [re: Tradeguy]  

Thanks for your help, Rich. I didn't think that I was technically "running" AW2K when the box came up before the program loaded...but maybe that's why.

I went to my start button but the option is not there to backup or rebuild so I went to the AW2K program file itself & was able to run the backup & rebuild from there w/o any errors.

So thanks for the suggestions!!

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