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(stranger )
06/16/02 10:01 AM
Bulleted list malfunctions  

Over the past few weeks, we've experienced a new difficulty with AW2K. It is running on Windows XP, which may be part of the problem.

We like using the bulleted lists in the description window. This has always worked well in the past. Lately, however, when we attempt to end the bulleted list and either enter a blank line after it, or simply start a line of text after it, it will initially look just fine in the description window within AW2K. However, upon looking at it using the Preview button, we see that it has placed a bullet in front of that line anyway. Going back to AW2K, we will see that a period and several spaces have been entered in front of that line. Repeatedly previewing the auction lot can place multiple quantities of these periods and spaces in front of the line.

Is anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions?

Also, we would love to include HTML hyperlinks in the description. However, since it is in WYSIWYG format, we get some really odd results when trying to use the <a href=...> tags. Generally, with a few exceptions, it just won't work. Any suggestions there?


(Auction Wizard Team)
06/17/02 11:16 AM
Re: Bulleted list malfunctions new [re: rpctech]  

Some versions of Windows add an extra bullet at the end of bulleted lists. This problem does not affect all versions of Windows. If your version of Windows has this behavior, a simple workaround is to not bullet the last line in your bulleted lists. Windows will insert the bullet on the last line of your list. This bullet will not look the same as the rest of the bullets in your list, but it will look correct in your listings.

If you add HTML code into the Description field and you have a Listing Template selected for the Auction Lot, then do not put any line breaks in your HTML code. The line breaks will be reproduced in HTML which can break the HTML code you added. The entire HTML code sequence must have the same text formatting (i.e. the same font, font size and color). Formatting changes within an HTML code sequence can break your HTML code.

-- The Auction Wizard Team

(stranger )
03/04/03 01:55 PM
Re: Bulleted list malfunctions new [re: rpctech]  

i get the same extra bullets and just came here to see if there was a fix. i read aw supports msg about this and thats seems to work for now.

im using winXP pro.

cant add hyperlinks in the description? (havent tried yet) im just getting started but this is a must, i hope thats not true,

03/05/03 06:38 AM
Re: Bulleted list malfunctions new [re: magicka]  

I've found that the description area is not the best place for HTML code (though it works if it's all on the same line, as aw2k tech already said). I tend to use the template itself for that kind of thing - and you can have all the html you want there.

Side note: if you need to shorten you html paths for the description area, here is a site that remaps them for free:


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