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12/12/03 06:46 PM
Memory Problems  


Having Memory Problems. Normally we have Outlook a couple Explorer Windows and AW2K open and have if we open up a couple of more Programs, Media palyer, Quicken or FTP program we usually start running into memory problems.
Lately It is Happening more frequently with just Aw2k, Outlook and a couple Explorer windows. Our System REcourses will drop down to like 20% we are purging the AW2K database as we have over 600 inventory items and over 7000 Invoices. so that should help some
We run Win 98 and have over 600 megs of ram. with a duron 1300mhz. I do know that the one stick of ram 512 Mb is generic.
what I really want to know is does any one here know what happens if a Stick of ram goes bad or how to check one?
Or if any one has any great Ideas. It is very anoying to have to close programs to open others. Like we can Not run Aw2k and our Html Editior(composer) at the same time.
Normally we do not get the Blue screen of death normally things just start to run slow and windows on the task bar do not want to pop up and such.

Any ideas Before I blow it up?


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12/13/03 11:52 AM
Re: Memory Problems new [re: superdairyboy]  

Biggest thing you can do is upgrade to Windows 2000 or XP - both handle memory very differently than Windows 98. Win98 stil uses limited memory blocks for user reources, and tends to not free up memory as needed. It wouldn't matter if you had gigs of ram.

In fact, this was my main reason for going to Win 2000 a few years back. I ran into constant windows and user resource failures. Haven't seen any since upgrading Windows.

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