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06/19/04 01:09 PM
Has anyone made a template like this?  

Does anyone have a template that allows for multiple pictures (at least 15) and also lets you have a description for each picture below it? Just wondering how to do this with the Edit Template function in AW2K

07/04/04 05:43 PM
Re: Has anyone made a template like this? new [re: Jake]  

Just wondered if you got answer to your question regarding this listing html. Would be interested in using that also.

If you have any information would love to hear from you.

07/08/04 02:11 PM
Re: Has anyone made a template like this? new [re: Jake]  

Hi, Jake: You can go into the template editor, pick any template you want, and add image and text page components - one right after the other - center the text you are using and it will show up right under the picture. In other words, click Page Components at the top, click Add Page Component, then click on the dot next to Image - then insert your picture. Then do the same thing except click on the dot next to Formatted Text and add your text. This has worked for me in the past. You can preview to see how it will look and adjust your text accordingly. Lenny

09/21/04 09:26 PM
Re: Has anyone made a template like this? new [re: Jake]  

this is one of the few drawbacks of aw2k i was hoping to see addressed in the new version. ability to work with images within your description is a "must have".

(stranger )
03/01/05 10:56 PM
Re: Has anyone made a template like this? new [re: magicka]  

I am developing a new template using absolute positioning within a main table and moving toward using styles vs. font tags and such...mostly because i am weening myself to develop sites for clients using tabless-css design (well one must use tales for tabular data...).

But, I have developed a ".net" module for a gallery tool much like you are describing. But, it is going to be an outside of aw2k thing and use pure html descriptions and not using aw2k to manage image insertion...just for the auction management itself...anyway here is a same page:

Nothing on the page works or anything that is simply a layout using showing the tool as it is designed to look when it is used, notice how it adds the ability to use descriptions for each image...the tool is not linked into the page for a reason, it is still flaky right now...but as I get time I work on it a bit each day or so... ;)

It should only take a week to make it all right, but I do not do developemnt full time anymore so it could be several weeks yet...but, my goal is to get it working somehow using aw2k...that is the tricky part... ;) Gonna work around it at first then tackle the aw2k thing head on...if it works ok I was gonna offer it to Thom free of charge if he can add it to aw2k...then again I am sure he has an even cooler solution int he works...but, hey, I might not be able to write code very fast anymore but it is still fun to fiddle with it!! ;)

03/10/05 09:22 PM
Re: Has anyone made a template like this? new [re: grumpy3b]  

that layout is fantastic and is very similar to what i was hoping to do. looking forward to seeing this!
its still a pain when i want to include images throughout my description to have to code them individually each time. please do let us know when you have something that can be tested. thanks!

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