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09/08/02 11:55 AM
Cent Sign/ASCII  

I work with stamps in my auctions. It would be helpful when doing my descriptions to be able to pass along the ASCII code for the cent sign (keyed in with Alt-0162) but I can't seem to get AW2k to pass the code along to the final page. I can manually type in the code and it shows up in the description but does not show up in the created page. I've tried the ampersand/pound-sign technique for HTML code, plus some iterations, and can't get it to pass the ASCII code to the final page. Is there a technique I'm missing?

(Auction Wizard Team)
09/09/02 01:45 PM
Re: Cent Sign/ASCII new [re: Kimdayboise]  

The only way to get the cent symbol to appear within a listing is to enter the HTML character entity for that symbol where you want it to appear. The HTML character entity for the cent symbol is: ¢

-- The Auction Wizard Team

09/11/02 08:06 PM
Re: Cent Sign/ASCII new [re: AuctionWizard]  

Ah. I think what I missed was the ending semi-colon. I'll try again. Thanks.

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