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(stranger )
09/12/02 04:24 AM
website questions  

Ok - this is a good one:

I currently have 2 website pages maintained by Aw2k, Current sales (on ebay) and Coming sales (to be posted in the future to ebay).

Here's the question(s):

For the future sales, I'd like to be able to incorporate Paypal's 'Buy-It-Now' buttons into each item. The coding itself is fairly simple. It's simply a matter of filling in the blanks for the details (which can be accessed with the fields already in Aw2k).

Each purchase button requires a few lines of html, but it is the same for each, except for the Item name, Item number and item price. So, each item (in the 'Queued Lots Website' would need one additional text field for the Paypal html to create the 'Buy Now' button.

The reasoning for this is fairly simple: more sales with less overhead (no ebay fees) and faster sales.

I know that I can add this html to the bottom of each item and then remove it prior to posting to ebay, but a more automatic way would be SWEEEET!!


(Auction Wizard Team)
09/13/02 08:36 AM
Re: website questions new [re: malaki86]  

Thumbnail Page Templates do not currently support adding text or HTML code on a per Auction Lot basis. This is on our suggestion list.

-- The Auction Wizard Team

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