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05/19/10 12:09 PM
How to handle multiple addresses  

I know it had to happen again, but I have a customer who's purchased multiple items and wants different items shipped to 3 different addresses. What is the best way for AW2K to handle this?

Last time this happened, I had one buyer with 2 shipping addresses and it caused no end of problems. Ultimately I had to create 2 buyers (one with a modified email address) just so I could track the orders and generate email with the correct info.

Is there a better way?

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05/19/10 07:52 PM
Re: How to handle multiple addresses new [re: Tradeguy]  


We tell the buyer we must ship to the address provided in the Paypal payment "ship to " field.

I have had a buyer purchase 6 items and each item shipped to a different address. We invoiced each item individually. Meaning the buyer had 6 different invoices.

I don't know of any other way to handle it.. Maybe someone else has a brainy idea

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12/15/13 07:27 AM
Re: How to handle multiple addresses new [re: bluepennylady]  

So here I am, 3 years later, still dealing with the same issue.

I had a buyer with 3 orders, all going to confirmed paypal addresses (you can register multiples - I have 3 myself).

So AW2K creates a single invoice with all 3 purchases combined. This is unavoidable since this time of year I am processing many sales at a time and 99.9% of the time I need invoices combined.

So my procedure is to delete 2 of the items and then manually create 2 new invoices using a slightly modified email address (ie,, If I don't do this, every change I make to the addresses on the invoices will automatically update all 3.

I then use the handy AW2k email system to block and auto-copy the different addresses. The same method I use for my website and Etsy orders.

The final step is to edit the email address in any emails queued up during the process back to the original address since they are using my bogus addresses.

It's a very messy work-around and I would love to know if anyone has a better method. (Not a "theoretical" work-around, but one they have actually used and works..heh).

One of the main problems I think is that AW2K uses the email as the primary index key, and each record has one shipping address associated with that record. If AW2K used something like a unique buyer number, then we could have multiple copies of the same buyer with the same email, but having different multiple shipping addresses.

A more elegant solution would be to add an actual "additional shipping address" to the invoice database. It wouldn't have to become part of the buyer record at all - it could retain a "primary" ship address.

The invoice record could have a window for "shipping address" (there is even room on the screen for this). The default would be the primary address and most of the time we wouldn't have to even refer to it. But in these instances, we could could manually edit the shipping address of any invoice to be different than the "default" primary.

We would only need 1 additional address since it's associated with an invoice record and not a user record.

In practice we would only need 1 additional option - "Unmerge invoice" to uncombine the items into separate invoices.

Then we would have multiple invoices of the same user, with the same email, but could edit the "ship to" data for the extra invoices. There could even be an option in the email section to import the invoice address into the "shipping address" instead of the primary address.

Just an idea..

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