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11/10/03 01:27 PM
Item Specifics  

I like AW2000. I use it for a variety of listings, but I mainly list event tickets. Ebay won't allow a listing without item specifics. Thus, I've had to shelf AW2000 and wait for the item specifics support.

Is there any target date when item specifics for event tickets will be included in AW2000?


(Auction Wizard Team)
11/10/03 03:14 PM
Re: Item Specifics new [re: billb3469]  

We plan to add support for Item Specifics on eBay, but we do not yet have a timeframe for when it might be completed.

-- The Auction Wizard Team

(stranger )
11/18/03 00:07 AM
Re: Item Specifics new [re: AuctionWizard]  

I hope it's soon.

I have to relist all my books manually because when I relist, it is asking for the item specifics. How about updating the code to just SKIP IT if it is found during the relisting process? At least then the books could be relisted.

Kathy B
02/06/04 04:50 PM
Re: Item Specifics new [re: siliconzone]  

I certainly hope item specifics will be coming soon as eBay is now doing away with categories in some listing areas - and I have a feeling that they will be doing away with them and using item specifics instead!

Movies and music will have categories gone soon - and I think (but hope not) that categories for books, glassware, etc. will be gone soon.

(stranger )
03/08/04 10:19 PM
Re: Item Specifics new [re: Kathy B]  

btw, eBay has yet to finalize exactly how item specifics will work in each category...I can see why AW2k folks haven't got a time frame for implementation is very hard to code for a constantly moving target...

(stranger )
03/19/04 08:22 AM
PLEASE FIX > Item Specifics :) new [re: grumpy3b]  

I hope AW2K will get item specifics resolved ASAP because the eBay category I used to list in: Music > Records > 12'' Singles > Dance has gone the way of the DoDo and has been replaced with Music > Dance (nice, huh?)....without the 'item specific' function in AW2K I would have to manually enter this info on the 200+ auctions I list each week (not gonna happen...can you say hours of tedious work?) I do not want to resort to another 3rd party application beacuse I have been EXTREMELY happy with AW2K thus far...

03/24/04 06:27 AM
Re: Item Specifics new [re: AuctionWizard]  

Your post was last November, '03. Do you have an estimated date to support Item Specifics on eBay? It REALLY is a problem for those of us listing records, books, tickets, etc.

(stranger )
03/25/04 09:26 PM
Re: Item Specifics new [re: mamcb99]  

I just want to add my two cents. I love AW2K. I've recommended it to several people. But I sell BOOKS and I need Items Speciifcs YESTERDAY. I just spent an hour shopping for other auction management solutions.

Please update us on this topic!

(stranger )
03/28/04 09:14 AM
Re: Item Specifics new [re: dom1n1c]  

With so much of eBay moving to this format, it is a MAJOR need. I have noticed a signficant drop is sales since this was added to more items a couple of weeks ago.

PLEASE, provide us an update. I understand the overhaul in your application that is probably needed to add this function, but atleast communicate with us what is going on.

I don't want to have to switch to a different management tool either, but we have to do what keeps us in business!

03/29/04 08:17 PM
Re: Item Specifics new [re: communilink]  

I agree that this is a problem. I'm going to have to leave AW2000 too. Anyone have a suggestion?

(stranger )
03/30/04 07:26 AM
Re: Item Specifics new [re: Logintuit]  

I too will have to consider switching to another product I run 4-500 items on Ebay and could easily be out of business with out changes. I see no communication from AW2K that gives me the information I need to make strategic business decisions. I have shown and talked up AW2K to many other sellers, but will not in good conscience be able to continue to promote the product with out movement ( better communications ). Based upon Ebay announcement on the books category I don’t have long before I will have to switch to another platform. As a your customer (I have paid for 3 copies of AW2K) I feel better communications are a must. I have always run my many businesses under one rule “Take care of your customers and they will take care of you”. Great support is one part of a customer relationship. Please step up the plate and show us you can hit the homerun before it is to late.

(stranger )
04/09/04 08:21 PM
Re: Item Specifics new [re: Deanpeak]  

We list in the music category and are currently using one listing program and AW to do everything else. Not ideal but it works for now. Would appreciate any suggestions of listing programs or other work-around options until we hear something back from AW developers.

Travis Hill
Oakhill Music

momusic & oakmusic on eBay

(stranger )
06/08/04 10:00 PM
Re: Item Specifics new [re: billb3469]  

Well, Item Specifics have now hit the world of Pottery & Glass. Although the feature has been around for a while, the alternate categories were of some support. Today, eBay collapsed all of the Pottery & Glass down to just three categories; Art Glass, Glasswear, and Pottery & China. Now, the only way to do a category search is through the use of item specifics.

(stranger )
06/09/04 07:24 PM
Re: Item Specifics new [re: javabear]  

I too am in a pickle here...I have several hundred items (almost all in the P&G categories) that I MUST list in the next couple weeks but w/o item specifics I will have to list a few then edit them...list more then edit them...list more. then edit them...I can't even approach the volume I MUST do to meet my financial comitments...

I love this program but I need to pay my bills too...

06/10/04 11:47 AM
Re: Item Specifics new [re: AuctionWizard]  

Did any of you know that Auction wizard does not take advantage of the third party developer program that eBay has put in place for thrid party developers. Did you know that if they would just put out a little bit of cash they would have this problem solved and be ready for others before they happen. They are cheap. Just my opionion. I even emailed them almost 4 months before item spicifics was in play and still they did nothing to the program.

Since Item Specifics have come along. I have 1000 Books I cannot list. This is what the auctionwizard team needs to do.
Charge for an upgrade. And get registered through ebays third party developer program like alot of the other third party programers are doing. Yes it cost money, but ( this is to AW ) right now you are looseing money AGAIN I WILL SAY LOOSING MONEY!!!!!. I dont know about everyone else but I would gladly pay for a program update if it would solve my problems. AMAZON does not have these kind of troubles so I have been listing there so I have some kind of income. But eBay has much more traffic and that = more money. So AW team and Thom. Think about that for a while and stop complianing about the eBay third party developer fees. Get in there and get it done. I am so tired of " but we do not yet have a timeframe for when it might be completed. " B.S. Sorry for being so harsh but I feel that this is somthing you and every other customer needs to know.

Sorry for any grammer errors. I am very busy fixing the stupid categories I dont have time to copy and past to spell check.

06/11/04 03:27 PM
Re: Item Specifics new [re: Anonymous]  

I am using the eBay API to develop part of an application I am writting...maybe you are not aware that to use it the developer pays everytime their program access the API. That can become very expensive very fast....and that equates to more fees for us users.

And do not assume the API is all bells and roses has constant technical issues...

I do understand your frustration as I am a seller in Pottery & Glass and we are pretty much foo-bar'd right now...I have come up witha work around but given the volume you probably list in it would not be practical.

but, I create a new auction lot in AW2k. Then I preview the lot view the "source" which opens notepad where I make a few fast mods of the HTML so the img tags point to my website (using find & replace makes this fast...) Next I copy all of the HTML between the body-tags which I then paste into Turbo Lister which will support item specifics and finsh the listing...basically I only use TL as a lister itself...back in AW2k I set the auction lot to "queued for listing" then I repeat this for all the auctions I need to list...when I am done I simply tell aw2k to update my website which allows will put all of your auction pics on the site wiht the same name as used in the preview...then I set TL to upload of all of the newly created listings. After the auctions are listed you can use the aw2k IMPORT function to grab the current auctions...

Use a special listing profile so you can keep the dummy auction lots seperate and can delete them when ya want...

It is a kludge but it is SOMETHING that works...and while not ideal it works for for the interim while Thom can get the next version done...

And almost every listing program was caught flat footed here...evne those who use the API as ebay had nothing set in stone until very late in the game...they are ALL playing catchup...and on top of that eBay has admitted this is simply the tip of the iceberg in terms of changes is gonna be a looooong summer...

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