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(stranger )
10/15/04 12:39 PM
Ebay Login Failed  


I have been trying to list my auctions on ebay for 2 days and keep getting "ebay login failed" error message. I have heard back from Thom and have done everything he suggested - download the latest version, change IE settings and AW settings, but still continue to get the error. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have searched the boards here and on Jackie's site but I seem to be the only one still having a problem. Yes, I did do a backup and rebuild as well.



10/16/04 01:13 AM
Re: Ebay Login Failed new [re: valerie2088]  

This may sound like a dumb question....but can you login to Ebay normally?

Also, are you sure you've adjusted all of your settings? This sounds like you're having a problem with Ebay's new secure login method.

(stranger )
10/17/04 03:02 PM
Re: Ebay Login Failed new [re: valerie2088]  


I am having the same problem, as of last night. I was just about to email Thom. Have you found a solution to the problem?



M.J. Christensen
Technical Staff
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Dave Fortin
10/18/04 12:13 PM
Re: Ebay Login Failed new [re: valerie2088]  

You arn't the only one having this problem. I have this problem everytime I update. I too have done all the tweeks for the solution yet it still fails.

Please post what you find works so I also can get back to work.

My customers are getting anxious


10/18/04 01:18 PM
Re: Ebay Login Failed new [re: MJ_Christensen]  

Well, given that most people aren't having the problem, you gotta figure it's something in your Windows security settings. I've actually never seen the error, but I happened to have my internet security settings already set the way thom has suggested.

In a former life I was a technical support guy, and I'm fairly sure the solution lies in either an ebay or IE setting.

On Ebay, go into your "My Ebay" page, then "ebay preferences" (under the "my account" subsection). Look at your "ebay sign in preferences" section, and click on the "change" option.

I have everything checked, and preferred signin method is "ebay user id and password".

In IE advanced settings, in the security section, make sure the "warn if changing between secure and non secure modes" is not checked.

In IE, my overall security setting is set to "medium". If yours is set higher or to "custom", try dropping to medium to see if that makes a difference.

Also, just for grins, do a regular login to ebay using IE. If any unusual windows pop up, or you don't get logged in, then you'll at least see what the problem is. Also, try updating using AW2K after logging in successfully using IE (with the "remain logged in" option checked).

Last question - are you running Windows XP Service Pack 2 update? I am NOT because the update caused major system problems on my PC, but I have heard from those that have that there are a lot of new security related issues with this windows patch. I would be very curious to know if everyone having the problem is running SP2.

But whatever is causing the problem, it's not specifically an AW2K error, but has to be something related to either your Ebay or IE settings.

Hope some of this helps....

(stranger )
10/18/04 06:03 PM
Re: Ebay Login Failed new [re: Tradeguy]  

I DID have the problem after installing SP-2 for XP. I already am running a firewall (Zone Alarm Pro Purchased version) that had given permission to AW and a virus program (norton). Once I installed the XP SP-2 I couldn't log on to eBay using AW. Soooooooooo I went to the control panel in XP - Start/Settings/Control Panel/Security Settings. And lo and behold Windows XP had set its own Firewall as my firewall. I clicked on the settings and changed it back to Zone Alarm. I did all of the myriad of OK clickings. Rebooted. And all was well with AW and never again any problem. Hope this helps some of the others having this problem.


(stranger )
10/20/04 07:33 AM
Re: Ebay Login Failed new [re: valerie2088]  

I have this problem intermittenly where, with bulk listing or updating a single item, the first attempt at login virtually always fails and the second time it works. It is happening since Ebay changed its login procedure and a patch was provided for AW2K. It sounds like there is some session cookie left behind that needs refreshing or deleting.


(stranger )
10/25/04 05:20 PM
Re: Ebay Login Failed new [re: leeflang]  

Having same issue. I've checked all the listed problems and backed, rebuilt and performed the "Please Start Working" dance. No luck so far. Anyone get theirs working after having this concern?

10/26/04 07:10 AM
Re: Ebay Login Failed new [re: rosb]  

Below are some possible solutions. You may have done some of these. The #8 is a new one.
These came from Thom for a different users and it worked for her.
Hope this helps

1. Select "File | Advanced Internet Settings..." from the Auction Wizard 2000 menu bar.

2. When the Advanced Internet Settings window opens put a check in the "Use WinInet API" checkbox in the "HTTPSettings" area. Click the "OK" button to save the setting.

3. Close the Auction Wizard 2000 program.

4. Open Internet Explorer.

5. Select "Tools | Internet Options..." from the IE menu bar.

6. Click on the "Advanced" tab.

7. Scroll down to the bottom and find the "Warn if changing between secure and not secure mode" checkbox. Uncheck that checkbox.

8. Uncheck the "Warn if forms submittal is being redirected" checkbox.

9. Click the "OK" button.

10. Close Internet Explorer.

(stranger )
10/26/04 09:17 AM
Re: Ebay Login Failed new [re: rodgw]  

Actually that may work for some but not for me since it was already correctly set.
However, you gave me an idea. It may very well be under the 'security' tab (button 'custom') of the browser settings that a change needs to be made at the bottom for the logon. Mine was set for 'automatic only on intranet'. That may have to become 'automatic with current username and password'.
Obviosuly it is not desirable to compromise one's security for the sake of one single application, so I hope the bug can be resolved soon in the next AW2K release.


(stranger )
10/27/04 03:20 AM
Re: Ebay Login Failed new [re: leeflang]  

I've been helping a friend who has not been able to list for over 2 weeks, didn't get a reply from Thom, etc. We tried everything posted on this board and still couldn't list.

But we found a SOLUTION! Her system clock was showing the incorrect date! Once we corrected that, she could list with no problem.

To do this, double-click the time in the lower right corner of your computer screen and make sure the time, date, and year is set correctly. Also, check the date that shows up in AW2K and make sure it is correctly showing when you do automatic listings.

Good luck, Sue

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