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06/07/13 10:10 PM
Re: SSL E-mail [re: flpackrats]  

I don't know if this will be helpful to others but will relay my SSL experience.

Our email comes from a dedicated server that does not have a good spam filter so we set it up such that our email is received through Gmail with their excellent filter. You may have other reasons for using a another email client aside from AW2000.

However, in order to take advantage of AW2000 features by having our email download here we needed to use Gmail's POP3 which requires SSL, a feature AW2000 does not have.

My brilliant son (if I may say so myself ;)) came up with a workaround.

Download stunnel ( and install it. Then it will need to be edited ( and, of course, "run" it.

In AW2000, your email account will need to be set up using POP3 host name: localhost and port 110 and SMTP host name: localhost and port 25
Your username and password will be those that you use for Gmail.


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