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(stranger )
06/11/14 10:22 AM
I'm being bombarded by SPAM [re: ]  

About nine months ago, I suddenly began receiving lots of spam to one of my ebay-selling email addresses. I've used to host my ebay images and to forward my mail for many years, and I've had the same spam settings for at least five years. Pair's spam-filtering had worked well for all that time, but I suspect one of my ebay customers sold my info to some scumbag outfit that compiles lists of email addresses for spammers. Whatever....

Now when I download mail in AW, instead of getting a dozen or so messages, I get 50 or 60, with daily totals being well over a hundred. I have set up about 90 message filters, but I can't stay ahead of the spammers -- they continually come up with new addresses and subject headings. I delete these messages throughout the day, and then go to the AW Attachments folder to delete the files that came with the messages. Not only is this time-consuming, it's just plain, f-ing annoying!

The worst thing about the problem is how much longer it takes to download my mail. Even if I have my own filter set up or if Pair has marked the message **JUNK** -- in which cases, they go to my Trash folder -- I still have to sit here waiting for the attached files download. A message without an attachment takes a split second to arrive, but those with attachments can take as long as 20 seconds to download depending on the size of the file. This makes collecting my mail take easily four times longer than it should.

I've checked my settings and see no additional way to block these spam messages. Is there a way within AW to block -- prevent from downloading -- any message with an attached file?

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