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06/12/14 08:06 AM
Re: I'm being bombarded by SPAM [re: Same_Old_Sue]  

The other problem is that unless you are deleting all this spam, it is likely being stored in your AW database - yuck!

I don't use PAIR, so I can only tell you what works for me (and I also get a lot of spam - probably 200+ per day because my main email has been live and on several websites for over 10 years).

The only mail I send to AW is mail that has been forwarded out of my Outlook email (Windows-based email). I created an email account solely for the purpose of AW, and when I get an email to my main account that needs to go to AW (such as a paypal payment receipt), I forward it to that special email address, and AW is setup to only import mail from that address.

This can be done manually - though I have setup a few "outlook rules" to do this automatically. The rule looks for any email from paypal that matches a payment (there are only 3 or 4 variations of title), if that message is automatically forwarded to the special AW email acct. Outlook also maintains a copy of every payment.

The simplest way to accomplish this with your PAIR account, is to just setup a brand new email account that can be accessed by AW (so, a POP3 compatible account). Then when a real email comes in that you want in AW, just forward it to that account. The emails will just sit in the account until imported by AW.

Hope that helps!

PS - ultimately for SPAM control, I use a feature called "BoxTrapper" which stops all incoming mail unless it is in my "whitelist". Emails not whitelisted get an automatic reply that says they need to reply for verification (they can just hit "reply", send it, and they are whitelisted). Since SPAM is NEVER from a valid email, they are never verified and get deleted (I set my auto-delete for 3 days just in case I need to make sure I haven't caught a non-spam email). I have also setup a whitelist based on specific words in the message title so my website, etsy, or ebay sales all get thru. It also automatically whitelists anyone I send an email to, so if I directly write someone for any reason, their replies won't require verification.

Between my host's server based spam control (Spam Assassin) and Boxtrapper, I stop 99% of all Spam.

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