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(stranger )
09/16/06 09:24 AM

Just some suggestions / items that would are important to us.

1. Full HTML templates. We've managed to make the existing template system work, but being able to use just HTML w/ database field insert would be considerably more powerful.

2. Support for Second Chance Offers. This is typically a big part of our business. Direct support would be an enormous time saver.

3. Support for inserting images that are already on another server. Many of the products we sell are overstocks for our client. Being able to just reference an existing image (like the gallery image works) for EVERY image would be an enormous improvement. Right now we "fake" it by putting the path into our HTML template and the image name in User1/User2.

4. HTML email. Enough said.

5. Ability to join (stock) inventory items into a single Auction Lot. Having a concrete way to track the inventory items (including demand) when building bundles / kits would be very powerful.

Overall, AW2000 is the best desktop / network we've tried (and we've tried them all). If it is possible, we might be interested in paying additional development fees to see some of these items get developed.

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