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05/31/07 01:21 PM
Re: Markdown Manager [re: tictictic_OnEbay]  


Do we live in the same town!??? It is the same around here. No one wants to try the Internet. They would rather pay their staff to lean their butts against the front cash register than to give them something productive to do, like taking pictures and putting inventory in AW2000. Why that takes work. And besides, "Why--I've heard about the Internet""!! You are right, probably was their own fault.

I may try the sign. You know it might just work. We do put flyers in our customers sacks explaining how we work. We price stuff and put it out. If it doesn't sell in the first 30 days, it starts getting pulled off the retail floor and moved to the Internet. Customers are learning to get it while the getting is good. Of course, they could go online and bid.

And I am seriously considering putting a computer on the sales floor so customers can log into eBay, pull up bluepennylady auctions, use the BIN and pay at the front register. I bet I have a least two or three people ask almost everyday if they can bid and pay here. Well of course you can.

Thieves just irritate the daylights out of me. AND when you catch them, they act like they are mad at you for thinking they shouldn't be stealing. I have had some of the darndest experiences with shoplifters.

Okay, back on task here---(can't get me started with shoplifting)

I don't know which would be imported, the BIN price or the mark down price. But I will find out for sure and let you know.


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