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05/27/03 06:51 PM
Help - How do you guys Handle Waiting to Ship ...  

here the questions - problem. how do you handle the process of accepting a payment, marking your item paid then getting through to actually shipping it without missing an item in the middle?

I've run into the problem a few times lately of receiving payments, marking the invoices paid and then overlooking an auction lot when i ship my next batch of paid lots. somehow one auction lot will occasionally slip by.

What im asking is, what procedure do you use so you dont have an auction lot marked as paid and shipped but you actually havent sent it.

i know its happening because ive gotten busier with more shipments which is good, but just the fact that i missed shipping an item for a couple days makes me uneasy.

any tried true tested procedure for not missing an auction lot here and there? or am i missing some simple step that will help me be more aware while shipping more and more product?


05/28/03 03:21 AM
Re: Help - How do you guys Handle Waiting to Ship ... new [re: magicka]  

I don't know if it's tried and true or not but in you Invoice window you can click on the status tab. That will sort them accordingly. All of the waiting to ship invoices will be together.

Hope that helps,

05/28/03 07:59 PM
Re: Help - How do you guys Handle Waiting to Ship ... new [re: Anonymous]  

yea, i almost always look at items sorted by their status in the auction lots window and not the invoice window, thats part of the problem i guess. im always in my auction lots window :)

but i think the problem, and maybe some other folks have this too(?) is when an invoice is paid i then print the invoice to be included in the shipment (thats a handy way for me to be reminded something needs to be shipped too) and when invoices are printed the default is the "Mark as Shipped" box is checked. now if i leave that as is everythings usually fine since whatever i print an invoice for i am packing and shipping, but when an invoice doesnt print right, is aborted or for some reason i dont immediately pack and ship, then i have an item marked as shipped..
on the otherhand if i uncheck that box and dont mark as shipped when i print an invoice then i may ship some items and still have them reading as unshipped.

im just wondering if theres a better "method" im overlooking, some easier way to keep track or if i just need to better organize myself as i get busier with shipping many items per day.


...i guess i just feel like im missing some basic principle of aw2k that wouldnt allow me to miss a shipment because i checked or didnt check the mark as shipped info.

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05/29/03 07:58 PM
Re: Help - How do you guys Handle Waiting to Ship ... new [re: magicka]  

Hi Magicka,

You can use one of the 2 shipping manifest reports before printing invoices & shipping labels. This will give you a pick ticket for you to know what needs to picked for shipping for the day. This report will only show invoice items that are set to "Waiting to Ship" and the dates you specify.

Hope this helps.


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