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(stranger )
01/06/08 01:41 PM
New build not working  

I love this program and certainly want to continue using it and Thom has been great when I have had problems. I am not able to use the program since this last update. The solution does not appear to be the same as Leeflang. I have tried that and it did not resolve the issue. Here's what happens when I try to run the program. I have already submitted logs to Thom and apparently he is having difficulty coming up with a solution as he usually gets back to me sooner. This is a copy of my last message to him.
I re-install the program and then backup an empty database. When I restore the empty database I cannot use it. When I reload the program here are the error messages - ExceptionEDatabaseError in module AW2000.exe at 000B8D10. TableInvAuction: Field 'CustomItemSpecifics' not found. After I click on that box another one pops up saying - MutexTable: Cannot perform this operation on a closed database.

It appears that if I were starting anew then I would not have any problems creating a new database, but whether I restore an old database or even a new empty one created by the new build, the database is not useable. There appears to be a problem in the restore function.

If I am missing something please let me know. At this point I don't understand why more users aren't experiencing this problem after updating because it appears to me to be a problem with the program. Any ideas?

01/06/08 01:56 PM
Re: New build not working new [re: dpenman]  


I haven't had any problems at all with the update. And I updated several computers including the ones at the college.

It is possible there was a problem downloading the update file. If your ISP experienced a momentary glitch and the connectiion was interrupted for even a few seconds, the download file could be corrupt.

Do you have more than one copy of AW2000 installed on the computer where the error is occuring?

You have downloaded a completely new copy of AW2000? Do you mean you did a backup of the database of the brand new copy of AW2000 and then restored the empty database? Or do you mean you restored the database from the previous copy?

How long has it been since you did a rebuild of your database?


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