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(stranger )
04/18/06 11:40 PM
another dumb question  

I appreciate that there is something insanely simple that I am not grasping about the process of using templates within AW2K but I just cannot figure out how when I create an auction lot using a particular template how I can reuse that template to make additional auction lots.
i.e. : I am talking about prior to the first auction lot being listed on eBay. It is queued for listing or even Never listed. When I create the next auction lot using the same template as I used with the first auction lot my changes to description, images etc. will be applied to the first auction lot as well. How do i reuse a template to create multiple auction lots without causing all of the auctions to display the same images, description etc. as whatever the very last auction lot that I make is? Even if I duplicate an auction lot and use the copy to make the next auction lot, the changes are applied to the original. It is inconceivable to me that I am the only one who has been confused by this. TIA

(Auction Wizard Team)
04/19/06 03:17 PM
Re: another dumb question new [re: zubzub]  

Please contact technical support at

-- The Auction Wizard Team

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