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12/04/06 07:24 PM
Seller limits? identity confirmation?  

Hey guys..

Im new to ebay, just registered. I listed 11 listings with AW2k and when i tried to list more ebay tells me (after im done making the auction) that I currently have limits on selling at this time (along with all the ebay loves you and your business crap)....

anyone encounter this?


Any of you big volume sellers, or any sellers for that matter, has ebay ever made you fax them your drivers license and utility bills and such?


12/04/06 07:40 PM
Re: Seller limits? identity confirmation? new [re: Iloveaw2k]  


Yes that does happen. Did you go through the ID verification process? If not, you should take time to do so. It costs $5.00 one time fee but is well worth the effort and cost. ID verification will also eliminate the need to supply proof of who you are via other means such as utility bills etc.

I realize it seems invasive for eBay to request such documents. On the other hand, it is one method of verifying sellers to help protect the community against fraud.

Also, if you are a new seller, I suggest you take the time to complete your "My World" page if you have not already done so. You have lots of work to do on that page, Bio, feedback, Blog, Review and Guides as well as your About Me page. It is worth the time it takes as parts of My World are searchable. Just a thought.

Hope that helps a bit.


12/04/06 07:55 PM
Re: Seller limits? identity confirmation? new [re: bluepennylady]  


Im not new per say, just this account is new, and ebay has gone down the drain since its ipo....

did you personally go through any faxing them your dl or utility billls?

also, if everything doesnt work out as I hope it does, would you be able to sell for me? for a fee or how ever you do it? Im looking to realistically move 1-3K items within 6 months, starting with about 100-300 items, all that should sell at around 60-100....

please email me,

12/04/06 08:06 PM
Re: Seller limits? identity confirmation? new [re: iloveaw2k]  


No I did not personally submit those types of documents. I elected to go through the ID verification process. Other seller's I know have been requested to submit those type of documents.

Using AW2K you can easily manage well over 3000 auctions in a month. You can do that in a week very easily.

Thank you for offering the opportunity to sale your items. At this time, I am so far behind, there isn't any time to deal with another product line. Thank you for asking though. I really appreciate it.


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