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10/26/06 07:20 PM
Re: Counter for views [re: AquilaStamps]  


yes I did get a very helpful person. And she stayed with me until the correct technical people were notified and the issues were understood. I was really impressed.

In case no one has noticed, the new and improved shipping calculator has a couple of glitches.

One is the insurance. If you offer 3 services, UPS and USPS and place UPS as the first option. The insurance is displayed as included in shipping and handling. However, if the buyer elects to use a USPS method instead, the insurance does not automatically calculate into the cost. The buyer has to elect insurance, if it is optional. But the wording still tells the buyer they have purchased insurance. The only workaround right now, is to always place any UPS methods in the 2nd or 3rd fields.

Second, the shipping method is not being forwarded to checkout so it isn't included in most of the Paypal payments that are processed through the eBay checkout. It is a real pain. so if your Paypal payments are missing the shipping method the buyer elected, that is what is wrong. Get hold of eBay and complain. If enough sellers holler, they'll either fix it or roll it back.


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