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10/31/06 12:28 PM
Re: Counter for views [re: bluepennylady]  

HI everyone,

Update on eBay Shipping calculator issues. The saga continues. eBay rolled out new code for the shipping calculators and guess what---it didn't work. You will notice if you check your auctions, there is only 1 shipping option displayed regardless of how many options you offer. It is the value of the first shipping option field in AW2K.

eBay is aware of the issue. It was brought to their attention early this morning and pushed to High Priority fix as it is affecting 100% of any type of Listing tool including Turbo Lister.

The issue with the shipping method not appearing in Paypal payments because nothing is offered at the checkout level, has also been addressed. The new code to fix the problem was rolled out last night. It is suppose to be activated either later today or tomorrow sometime. And that issue is suppose to be fixed.

Thought everyone would like to know. Our hollering worked {smile]


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