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(stranger )
10/27/06 06:28 PM
Re: Counter for views [re: superbuy]  


Don't know about the Overstock counter 'cause I don't use it!
Right now I guess I don't use either, 'cause I'm a cheapo too!
Didn't want to pay for something that wasn't working, so I am just monitoring their board to see if it gets better. Then I will make a decision.
However, I didn't really think that it fit that well with my business. Don't get me wrong it had a lot of good info but I thought that it would really give insight for someone selling the same thing over and over. Most everything I sell is one of kind, or I only have one! I get excited if I have the same thing to list more than once. When I get to click the "Duplicate Auction" button, it just gives me the giggles!!!

Garry, you may be right about if they get one thing fixed OS will be better too. I have to give Sellathon credit they really seem to be trying to get it right. Even while getting slammed by users that don't realize or care how difficult troubleshooting may be.


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