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05/29/07 08:46 PM
Re: Videos [re: bluepennylady]  

Y'know, if AW2K would separate FTP management from display, it'd work just fine.

Imagine this:

Right now, I think you can only associate JPG files with an Auction Lot. What if you could associate any file type (like Linda's video) and have AW handle the FTP management?

Imagine this:

1) Associate your files with an Auction Lot (like the Add Image... buttton now). AW would see that it wasn't a JPG, and realize it only had to worry about FTP, not display.

2) Do your FTP upload, but not the auction listings.

3) Root around in the remote FTP directory and find your uploaded files. Hey, maybe AW could provide that info after the FTP upload in the Auction Lot. "I don't know what these files are, but here's the URL for each one of them."

4) Yep, put those URLs in your code in the auction.

5) List the auction.

6) AW takes care of cleaning up the FTP directory after the auction closes, just as it does now for JPGs.

If it turns out that a particular kind of file is really popular, then perhaps there could be special support for that file type, as there is now for JPGs.

The process I've described above would work with any file type. You'd gain the benefit of AW's FTP management, with flexibility that goes well with Pure HTML.


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