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05/30/07 07:25 AM
Re: Videos [re: bluepennylady]  

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Aw2000 supports 7 image file types, BMP, JPG,PCX, PNG, TGA, TIF, PSD

OK, so AW supports a number of image file types. But they're still all static images.

My point is that if AW would simply do FTP management of any and every file the user associated with an auction, then we'd have huge flexibility without AW having specialized code to support putting those files in listings.

How about mp3s? Or maybe aromas? "I'm getting 7% higher final values since I started making my listings smell like chocolate!" OK, the aroma technology isn't here yet, but if it arrives tomorrow some of us will want to use it immediately. An AW that does Pure FTP Management would let those people do so without waiting for an update to AW.

Once again, if a file type is really, really popular, Thom & Co. could decide to add easy-to-use support for its display and perhaps to edit it. Until that time, AW users who want to use that file type could do so if they're willing to do their own coding and still get the benefit of AW's nifty FTP Management.


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