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10/07/08 09:22 AM
Re: No Pics in Listings! [re: bluebird]  


I would like to have the Auction id of a listing which does not have the images displaying...

We can fix the missing images easy enough. But you might want to consider obtaining image hosting somewhere else other than Photobucket. Photobucket is generallly not compatible with AW2K as it is more of a photo book hosting service. Other folks have tried using the more advanced Photobucket accounts, but they do not work well. And Photobucket is not reliable. You are not the only person whose images disappeared from listings. Other sellers using other software are experiencing the same thing. I really do suggest you look at another provider. We can talk about that later though.

To get your images back on PHotobucket,
First be sure nothing else is Queued for listing. That only complicates everything. If you have other Auctions whose status is Queued for listing, then change them to "Hold" for a little while. YOu can queue them again.

Change your "Show/Hide" records filters to "All Profiles" and use "Online" and Queued for listiing.

Go to the Grid view and highlight all the Online Auctions by selecting the First record, Hold down the Shift key and then go to the last record. Everything in between will turn blue.

Right Click and select, Change status to Queued for listing.

Now go to Auction Site on the menu. and choose, List Queued lots.

When the dialog box opens click OK and allow the Listing Wizard to upload the images.

AFTER the images have uploaded and the main Lister opens, just click "Cancel".

The images are now uploaded again.

Go back to the Grid view.
Select the same records again,
Right click and choose "Change status to...Online".

YOu should be back in business. Let me know if that helps or not.


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