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10/07/08 12:08 PM
Re: No Pics in Listings! [re: bluebird]  


At least you will know how to correct the issue in the future.

You will continue to experience issues with Photobucket as it is simply not compatible. It is not a web hosting service but rather a photo album hosting service. And there is a difference.

The URL"s got wiped out because more than likely Photobucket changed everything around. They have done it before and will do it again.

There are numerous extremely low cost image hosting providers which are very reliable. I use which is $5.95 a month for 250 MB of space. is one of the most reliable services out there.

Marty uses which is also very reliable. And their rates are the same.

Garry uses someone else and for the life of me I can't pull their name up in this over mind Maybe he'll drop by and share who he uses.

You might also check with your ISP as often they provide x MB of space along with the internet service.

All you have to do when changing is simply add another FTP account by going to File | FTP acounts"......on the menu.

Then in the Auction profiles just change the default FTP account to the new one. As you list or relist auctions, the images will be uploaded to the new provider.

But you really ought to consider moving to a compatible provider and a provider which is reliable.


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