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(Carpal Tunnel)
10/09/08 10:04 AM
Re: No Pics in Listings! [re: moonstruck22]  


I need a picture!!!!!!

Poor momma. I remember the first time I left the twins. I almost couldn't have a good time at dinner with Dale. By the time the third baby came along, I wasn't such a worry wart anymore. And my girls all did the same thing with their babies. We almost had to shove them out the door.

Isn't spoiling them and sending them home just the most fun in the world. My kids all swear I am not the same mom that raised them. My reply, "It is not my job to make the grandkids eat peas. That is yours" So if we want to eat ice cream and stay up to watch a movie, we do and send home tired grandkids.. So much fun!!!!!

I need to get off dead center and look at OSCommerce. Garry has been after me for months. And everyone else I know who uses it likes them real well.


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