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10/07/08 02:47 PM
Re: No Pics in Listings! [re: bluebird]  


Bandwidth does need to be considered. So choose a provider who will not 'shut you down" if you go over your bandwidth. Choose a plan with tons of bandwidth. And ask the prospective provider what counts towards the bandwidth usage.

For instance. does uploads count or only downloads.

I have a 40 GB bandwidth allowance at pair. My Listing template is a download template meaning it is all images so everytime some clicks on a listing, they are downloading from my account. I have yet to use even 5 GB of bandwidth. And if I should go over the 40GB, pair won't shut me down. Instead they bill me in increments averaged over the month. And the billing is charged to my credit card on file. I have been with them for several years and have never gone over even with numerous email accounts.

So although you should consider bandwidth and determine exactly how the provider calculates it (and charges) , you would have to have an enormous amount of traffic to use up a sizeable bandwidth allowance.

ON another note, please feel free to ask questions on the board. It isn't just limited to AW2K questions. Heavens we all bounce ideas off of each other like crazy.... So jump right in any conversation, ask questions or contribute. The more minds we have working together the better the ideas!


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