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06/09/09 00:37 AM
Contacting buyers  

How does everyone deal with buyers who block your AW-emailed invoices and sit there waiting for eBay-generated invoices to arrive? This happens with about one out of every four or five of my sales, even though with the shipping clearly stated or easy to calculate, they ought to be able to just pay without an invoice (and the savvy ones do, of course).

These clueless buyers wait two or three days, then go back to the auction page and click to request an invoice. I reply via eBay as well as AW email telling them I sent their invoice the day the auction ended and that I'll resend it. Then I wait.........and wait. Two or three days later, they send another eBay-generated request for the total due (now they're thinking I'm a deadbeat seller). Apparently they don't even read their eBay messages. Sometimes, it takes over a week to get their attention.

It seems like the vast majority of buyers have no clue that some sellers don't use the eBay Checkout/invoicing system. They are totally brainwashed about email scams and phishes and are afraid to even look at mail from unknown sources. There's also the buyers who have set up auto-responders that say, "Sorry, but I must ask you to go to [link] and type in your name and email address to confirm who you are." On principle, I never follow these instructions. I just post a note at eBay saying if they wish to see what I've sent them, they can contact ME!

How do you all deal with buyers who don't read their mail?


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