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(Carpal Tunnel)
09/09/09 11:43 AM
Re: Contacting buyers (another wrinkle) [re: tictictic_OnEbay]  


I have wondered the exact same thing. It makes no sense to me at all. And here is something that is scary..

Lately the addresses providedon the Paypal payment notification is incorrect. When the irrate buyer contacts me to find out why in the world I shipped to an address that is at least 6 years old , I forward the Paypal payment notification to them.

Only to find the buyer has moved five times, changed their address at Paypal but the oldest address is what is showing up.

Now if it was only one buyer, I would think it was a buyer error. But it is numerous buyers. Plus it happened to my husband. He went to pay for an item he won on eBay, and there address in our personal Paypal account was an old address that had not been there for years and years. Like maybe 17 years or more. The address had been removed from our account.

We have no idea how the old address got back in.

But I want to know where eBay and Paypal are storing our old information. When we "remove" the old address, it must not actually be "removed".

So the same thing could be happening to our buyers on eBay.


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