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09/09/09 10:48 AM
Re: Contacting buyers (another wrinkle) [re: bluepennylady]  

Almost every day, I get a buyer whose email address isn't working. They've changed their email since registering on eBay and never thought to update their contact info, so all my messages come back as undeliverable.

Here's a typical comment once I finally get the buyer's attention with posts to their My Messages:

That is my old email address and has not worked for several years. How did you get it? Why do you need to contact me?

They are totally clueless about this. Even the message eBay sends on their behalf ("You've received an answer to your question....") inserts the old, defunct email address if you just click Reply.

So other than this just being a rant (why doesn't eBay require buyers to update their contact info?), I don't understand how eBay is able to contact these members (to send various notices, ads, whatever), if the email they have on file is no good. Assuming eBay has a working address for every member, why do we get the old email when we update our auctions?


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